With accurate evaluation and monitoring of the demand on a compressed air system and
the way the compressor operates to meet it . Irish Air Compressors can cut energy
costs by making the system more efficient as well as identifying the cost of expensive air

An electronic Air Demand Analyser can be installed to monitor and record the operating
status of an existing compressor installation. By discussing, analysing and carefully
considering all the requirements a practical solution can be provided to suit the individual
Air Demand Analysis
Compressed air installations often have two or more compressors operating independently or as a
microprocessor controlled air system. When installed, the compressor may have been configured to
provide the greatest efficiency under the conditions prevailing at the time. However, the original
configuration may not provide the greatest efficiency when the capacities, production requirements and
shift patterns have changed.

Compressors are at their most efficient at 100% full load, when producing compressed air constantly. A
compressor running off load ( running but not producing air) still requires power, but at a much reduced
level. As eliminating off-load running altogether is unlikely to be possible, off load running efficiencies are
important when calculating running costs.
Experienced compressor system designers seek to meet peak demand by running one compressor as
close to 100% as possible. A second unit is then controlled automatically to operate only when the
compressed air demand exceeds the capacity of the first machine. The standby compressor could be
one of several machines installed to support the main compressor. Additional machines are usually
selected so that altogether, and for predetermined periods of low demand, they can meet any likely air
allows routine maintenance.

An increase in a business’s power consumption may be attributable to the compressor installation. Not
checking the compressor operation when power costs increase could be a costly mistake. Even an
expert in compressed air will have difficulty in identifying the problem areas in the new circumstances
unless they can rely on accurate and detailed information of  the air requirements.

An answer to this problem is available from Broderick Compressed Air Engineering. An electronic data
logger is installed for a 10 day period to monitor and record the operating status and requirements of
any compressor installation. The data logger can be installed quickly, without disruption, and will collect
data at one-second intervals, 24 hours a day for 250 hours. The information logged is then downloaded
to a PC and processed to produce a figure for key parameters every 15 minutes throughout the period.
From these figures, compressed air flow and power consumption graphs are produced which show the
worked patterns and how the compressor installation reacts to them. A solution on how best to optimise
the compressed air system can then be discussed.

Irish Air Compressors has assisted many companies in achieving considerable savings and, as the EU “
SAVE 2” study found, most compressor systems have a 30% energy saving potential.
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