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When the requirement of your production process is for totally pure air, the WIS range, carrying “Class 0” certification, has the
It is widely known that the largest cost in owning and operating a compressor is in the electricity used to power it – well over
70% of the lifetime costs. (Read More)  Any reduction which can be achieved in usage here can be significant and the Water-
injected Screw range from Worthington- Creyssensac, shows that  around 20% less power is needed to generate similar
volumes of air, because of the constant temperature in the compression chamber.

Thanks to the superior cooling capability of water, heat is removed efficiently at source meaning that more air per kW is
generated and electricity costs are cut substantially.

Offering options from 7.5 to 13 bar and further energy savings of up to 35% to be made with optional fully integrated inverter
drive technology, the range is backed by Worthington Creyssensac’s 145 years of experience and a nationwide specialist
distributor network for all installation and maintenance.

Key Features:

Range from 20hp to 75hp
100cfm to 328cfm
Up to 13 bar pressure
Airlogic controller
Gearbox drive
Integrated inverter option
Integrated dryer option
Oil Free according to ISO 8573-1
Low noise levels
Guaranteed Class 0 certification
Reduced lifecycle costs
Oil Free Piston Compressor