separate oil from water in your compressed air system. It protects the
environment and saves costs!

Once the condensate has been removed from the compressed air, it still
needs to be cleaned in order to be in-line with local environmental legislations.
For this process, oil-water separators are used. Separating both substances
(water and oil) results in rinsed water which can be discarded easily.
The limited amount of oil has to be discharged in a specialized disposal center.
Depending on the capacity of your compressed air system the FOD has 3
ranges, all very reliable, easy in use and extremely efficient.

Key benefits:

  • Rinsed water which can be discarded easily and safely
  • Easy operation
  • Requires minimal installation and maintenance
  • Meet environmental regulations and improve company image
  • Excellent performance due to oleophilic and carbon fi lters
  • Avoid high treatment costs
  • User friendly (e.g. maintenance indicator)
  • No electricity required
Oil Water Separators
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