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300 litres per minute at 10 bar
A very quiet 59 dBa
Direct drive transmission
Very low speed 2780 rpm
Thermostatically controlled oil cooling system
Easy to maintain

Designed to replace the traditional piston type compressor, this unit has a much higher air output which allows more
compressed air for the same size motor. Designed for continuous operation, this compressor brings the industrial range of
compressor to customers who have been struggling with poor quality piston compressors.
The Unithor S3200 is the latest version of Irish Air Compressor's very popular single phase rotary screw compressor.

Five years and over 400 compressors later, they continue to offer customers who do not have three phase an industrial grade rotary screw
compressor. Their popularity has mostly been because of it's robust design and high compressed air outputs at low running speeds.

The servicing of the air compressor has been made simple as a result of clever design.

With a capacity of over 40% that of a piston compressor, no other single phase compressor on the market at present will give as much air.