Yet another variable speed drive compressor package is delivered
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Compressors throughout the country. This compressor is a Mark ( another Atlas Copco Brand ) MSA 15 IVR. This compressor
comes complete with variable speed drive, refrigerated air dryer, receiver and line filters.
Most air compressors that we currently sell are variable speed drive units. Irish Air Compressors lives up to it's slogan:
" Quality conscious, Energy aware"

MSA 4 - 15kW is a modern designed rotary screw compressor with industrial capacity up to 71 cfm and a wide choice of

The MSA 4 - 15kW range is high-class equipment designed for a small workplace and can fulfill industrial requirements up to
71 cfm. Units are available running on fixed speed or running on variable speed (IVR regulation), but both are very
Floor mounted, the compressor can be used as an extension of your existing air system or can be placed close to the place of
use. The MSA Tank-mounted (270 or 500L) is a perfect stand-alone system for your workplace. The all-in-one MSA Dryer
version guarantees complete dried and filtered air on your workshop floor. There is the possibility of filters and by-pass for
compressed air demands without oil. A MSA belt-driven unit combines all your expectations in one compact and reliable
compressor unit on a small footprint.

Key Benefits:

Designed for small spaces and proximity to the workplace

Small footprint (from 1,2 m²)

Compact all-in-one system, pre-assembled and ready for use
High-class and high-efficiency components

Easy access to all components, outside oil level check

Low and easy maintenance

Silent running

Low noise level

Direct reading ES 3000 electronic regulator managing all running and control functions, resulting in high energy savings

Low dewpoint

Line filters and by-pass as standard on the dryer

Fixed speed version with intelligent load-unload regulation, resulting in considerable energy savings

Variable speed version (IVR principle) adjusting the speed of the motor to the required amount of compressed air, resulting in
maximum savings and constant pressure