RLR V for Dublin Company
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Rollair 20
Gear transmission: reduced transmission losses compare with belt drive
High efficiency air filtration & oil separation
IP55 class F and Efficiency ONE SIEMENS motors guarantee protection, reliability and
economic power to the Rollair 15 - 40E
Smart controllers: Infologic® for the fixed speed units (Rollair 15 - 40E) and Airlogic® for the
variable speed driven (Rollair 20 - 40E V) units
Option to have integrated dryer with aluminium heat exchanger
Minimal noise levels
Increased accessibility and handling
Optimum ventilation
Compact and easy to install yet powerful and highly durable and reliable, the Rollair 15 -
40E and Rollair 20 - 40E V range offers a broad power range and a wide variety of units,
each offering optimal system efficiency. They all feature a high-quality motor with a rotary
screw assembly and a clear, maintenance-friendly design. The various available options
make the unit a complete solution and allow it to be installed near to the air user.