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The Draper 82640 Needle File Set (12 Piece, 140mm) is a comprehensive collection of precision files designed for intricate and delicate filing tasks. This versatile set offers a wide range of file shapes and profiles to suit various applications in metalworking, woodworking, jewelry making, and other crafts.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, each file in this set is made from high-quality carbon steel, ensuring long-lasting performance and exceptional strength. The files feature fine-cut teeth that provide smooth and accurate filing results, allowing you to achieve precise shaping, smoothing, and detailing on a variety of materials.

The Draper 82640 Needle File Set includes a diverse selection of file shapes, such as flat, round, square, triangle, and more. This variety enables you to tackle a wide range of tasks, from filing grooves and channels to refining edges and creating intricate patterns.

With their compact size and ergonomic handles, these files offer comfortable grip and control, allowing for precise maneuverability and reducing fatigue during extended use. The files are designed to fit comfortably in your hand, providing optimal dexterity and ease of handling.

The Draper 82640 Needle File Set (12 Piece, 140mm) comes neatly organized in a convenient storage case, which not only keeps the files protected but also allows for easy identification and access. The case ensures that your files remain organized and ready for use, whether you're working in a workshop or on the go.

Whether you're a professional craftsman, hobbyist, or DIY enthusiast, the Draper 82640 Needle File Set is an essential addition to your tool collection. Experience the precision and versatility these files offer, and elevate your filing tasks to a new level of accuracy and detail. Invest in this comprehensive 12-piece set today and discover the reliability and performance that Draper is renowned for.

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